About Us

Who are we?

The Real HouseBears of Cleveland began 2 years ago when we moved to…well…Cleveland and saw the need to break the divisions and cliques in the local LGBTQIA community.  But then we started to travel all over the world and realized it’s a global issue.  So we began a local grassroots campaign to change all that.  We decided that every single thing we do should serve a purpose for the greater good.
So whether we’re GoGo dancing at your local gay bar, hosting an event, acting as a spokesperson, or jet-setting from place to place, we want it to serve that purpose.  We are a non-profit that supports and uplifts charities that we are passionate about.  We hope it becomes contagious and that all of our “HouseBears”  in every city in every nation jump on the bandwagon and follow suit.

Our Mission

The Real HouseBears of Cleveland have one purpose: to knock down barriers in the LGBTQIA community that keep us divided. We are dedicated to extending our reach to every city, not just Cleveland, and setting a trend where the spaces we inhabit are filled with all shapes + sizes + colors + genders + sexualities of people with a common thread: uunity and celebration through outreach to ALL members of OUR global clique.

Our Vision

We envision a world where we are all united in a sense of true camaraderie. Where the most minimized and marginalized are not only seen as our equals, but are fought for and supported in every aspect of their lives.  This begins with our black trans sisters, and ends with them receiving the reverence and equality they deserve. It will create a ripple effect that reaches us all.